Micro Botanicals

Using a muted color palette and an array of textures and materials, the artful explorations in this body of work seek to unravel the mysteries of plants structures. Using micrographs as my reference material, I am inspired by the complexity of botanical structures as seen through a microscope and particularly of seeds, which seem expertly and intricately designed to exemplify the beauty, resilience, and awe-inspiring process that is growth and life expressed at various stages.

Brazilian Candles (Triptych) 24" x 12" (each) paper collage, plastic tubing, lace fabric, fine gold jewelry chain, sculptamold, decorative sand, archival spray on canvas.
Delphinium 22" x 22" crackle paste, pumice gel, molding paste, acrylic paint, quinoa seeds, archival spray on canvas.
Horsetail Stalk 12" x 12" Feathers, Gesso, Silicone, silver microbeads, string on canvas.
Lamium Stamens (Common Henbit) 26" x 18" Lace, yarn, sculptamold, plastic applique edging, wooden beads, decorative stones, twigs, archival spray on canvas.
Water Milfoil Shoot 14" x 10" Silicone, beads, acrylic paint, pouring medium, archival spray on canvas.
Coniferous Cone 14" x 10" Crocheted doily, silk rope, decorative sand, fabric paint, sculpey on canvas.
Mushroom Gill Cap 14" x 10" Gel medium, stock paper, decorative sand, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.
Heaven Scent (Brugmansia) 24" x 24" Paper collage, sculptamold, silicone, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.
Russian Olive (Remain in Me) 8" x 8" Decorative sand, decorative stones, fabric paint, archival spray on canvas.
Saffron Flower (Crocus sativus) 20" x 16" Sculptamold, cotton balls, gesso, molding gel, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.
Hepatica Nobilis (Liverwort) 16" x 12" Pumice gel, microbeads, fabric petals, satin rope, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.
Brazilian Candle 8" x 8" Fabric, paper flower, plastic decorative pipe, lace, milk thistle seeds, yarn, archival spray on canvas.
Arabidopsis Thaliana (Thale Cress) 24" x 24" Plastic raffia strands, decorative edging, yarn, silicone, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.
Teasel Flower Bud 48" x 48" Decorative sand, sculptamold, gesso cotton balls, plastic piping, pipe cleaners, paper doilies, wooden skewers, pearls, glass beads, styrofoam dome, fabric petals, gold paper confetti, archival spray on wood panel.
Dahlia (Parable of the Sower) 24" x 24" Bird seed, ornament (centre half dome), stones, silicone, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.
Eulophia Alta (Wild Coco Orchid) 16" x 12" Paper doilies, rope, silicone, crushed bird seed, gesso, archival spray on canvas.
DNA Enigma (Thale Cress) 36" x 36" Tissue paper, tassle strands, seeds, sponge pieces, gesso cotton balls, silicone, beads, stones, archival spray on canvas.
*Morphogenesis (Sundew) 18" x 18" Crackle paste, gesso, rope, sponge pieces, archival spray on canvas.
Papaver Somnifer 18" x 18" Molding paste, decorative sand, stones, beads, silicone, acrylic paint, archival spray on canvas.

"(He appears) as a gardener. The gardener plants seedlings in prepared soil. The soil must exert a physical and chemical influence so that the seed of the plant can grow. Yet this is not sufficient. The warmth and light of the sun must be added, together with rain, in order that growth may result."

- Gregor Mendel (founder of Modern Genetics)
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