Описание изображения
Gina Jacklin (Duque) is a visual artist and graduate from Western University in London, Ontario. Originally from Cali, Colombia, she immigrated to Canada with her mother at the age of 11. Gina resides in Guelph, Ontario where she works from her home based studio.


My work strives to bridge the gap between the immaterial and material world to manifest a sense of the ethereal while being grounded in the familiar and scientific. An exploration of biological systems and their 'hidden' structures as seen through a microscope is reflected in my work. Inspired by a personal experience with cancer, a scientific perspective of nature's complexity and informed by a Christ centered understanding of reality, I am interested in visually exploring the most basic of human intuitions - that life in all its biological forms, has been personally, thoughtfully and purposefully designed.

Through the use of botanical micrographs (photographs taken by means of a microscope) as reference material, my intention is to invite the viewer to reflect on how these often-complex living organisms allude to the handiwork of a Grand Designer. My hope is that such reflections can perhaps offer insights into questions often embedded deep within the human spirit regarding origins of life, our purpose, existence and identity.


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