Artist Statement

My work seeks to unveil the beauty of life unseen from a scientific perspective that, together with a Christ-centred understanding of reality, strives to convey that life in all its biological forms, has been thoughtfully and purposefully designed. When magnified through a microscope, our seemingly mundane world is transformed into a magical landscape, teeming with beauty and the strokes of pure genius that allude to the handiwork of a Grand Designer.
Often using micrographs as my reference material, my work offers a window into this mysterious and microscopic dimension, connecting viewers with the beauty, awe and wonder of creation, and sparking a sense of joy and wonder in the hearts and minds of those seeking a different perspective Created with everyday, found and discarded objects, my artwork also seeks to challenge notions of purpose and value.
I delight in repurposing and presenting castoff materials together in new ways, transforming formerly mundane, insignificant objects into complex, layered and cohesive structures that highlight the intricate designs, patterns and textures of living organisms and their 'hidden' structures as seen particularly through a microscope.
Описание изображения
Gina resides in Guelph, ON with her husband and son, and works from her home based studio.
"I desire to glorify God through artwork that speaks to the thoughtful design process of Creation, that together with a scientific perspective, seeks to highlight the purpose and beauty of the natural world. My hope is that my artwork connects with you in a manner that uplifts your spirit, renews your mind and resonates deep within your soul."

My Story

My art journey began at the tender age of two when I’m told by my mother, that I would sit happily squiggling away for hours when given some paper and an assortment of coloured crayons. It was then that my love of shapes and color emerged and ever since, art has always played a significant role in my life. I credit my mother for having recognized my artistic gifts early on and for having encouraged and supported my artistic passion throughout the years. At the age of eleven, she and I settled in Canada as immigrants from Colombia. As I grew up, so did my love for art, which, together with my mom’s encouragement, paved the way for my academic pursuit in the field of Fine Arts.
Hugging nurses and cancer society volunteer at my last chemotherapy session in 2012.
Hugging nurses and cancer society volunteer at my last chemotherapy session in 2012.
Two years into my Fine Arts degree program however, I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The gut-wrenching, cancer news ushered in one of the most painful and difficult chapters of my life. My cancer diagnosis coincided with a period where I was striving to develop my artistic voice and had thus become a key defining experience that would inform the work I would go on to create.
Cancer transformed the way I saw my body and its ‘biological landscape’ so to speak, and I became enamored with the finesse, intelligent and complex biological design features of my body. Being subjected to CT Scans, MRIs and X-rays ignited an interest in further wanting to understand my biology and anatomy, and I began to develop a deep appreciation for the body's thoughtful and purposeful design, seemingly hardwired to choose life against all odds, despite being attacked by the cancerous cells and chemotherapy toxins. Yet, seeing my body sustain me through it all year after year was an incredible display of resilience which I had never before appreciated.
The lifelong, creative drive and spirit I had known since I was a child connected with my cancer experience in a way that nothing had before - igniting in me a desire to glorify my Creator through artwork that seeks to highlight the purpose and beauty of the natural world while also uplifting spirits, renewing minds and resonating deep within souls.
In 2015, my life was transformed yet again, but this time by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ultimate renewal of heart and mind have allowed me to weave together my artistic passions, experience as a cancer survivor, and my appreciation for biology and theology, into my artwork. My life experiences have culminated in me, a desire to capture the beauty and awe of the various biological life forms present in this beautiful planet we get to call home, and for which I believe we only have the capacity to appreciate and experience by grace alone, even amidst persisting chaos, disorder and brokenness.
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