Cancer and a faith rooted in God have deeply shaped my artistic practice, serving as both a catalyst and foundation for my work as it strives to manifest a sense of ethereality, spirituality and mystery while being grounded in the familiar, knowable and scientific. A fascination with the microscopic in particular continually reflects in my work and is often manifested through the use of biomorphic forms and patterns using vibrant color schemes.

In a narrower context, a microscopic, scientific perspective is used to explore the body as it relates to the experience of illness and healing. This relationship is addressed by exploring the relationship between the internal (psychological) and external (physical) self as a unified physical, mental and spiritual landscape.

Recently, this fascination of the microscopic has expanded to include the exploration of plant life, particularly seed structures, exemplary in showcasing the beauty and awe-inspiring process that is growth and life expressed at various stages in nature.

Sourcing of imagery for my work is derived from referencing micrographs, images taken using devices such as electron and compound light microscopes. This type of visual reference allows for the integration of a scientific perspective into the immaterial, abstract aspects of life.

Gina Duque is a visual artist and graduate from Western University in London, Ontario where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Degree. Originally from Cali, Colombia, she immigrated to Canada with her mother who encouraged her to pursue her dreams as an artist.

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Gina Duque